2024  Partners


Alimentando al Pueblo

Alimentando al Pueblo is an innovative food bank that was established during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a mission to cultivate healing through comunidad, comida, and celebración. They have created the only Latinx food system in the country, emphasizing the importance of culturally relevant food within the community. By forming partnerships with Mexican-owned local businesses, Alimentando al Pueblo supports the local economy while ensuring access to organic produce and essential Latinx staples. This initiative is more than just a food bank; it’s a force for community building, aimed at fostering joyful communities and supporting those impacted by systemic challenges. Their approach stands as a powerful example of how community-focused, culturally sensitive initiatives can create lasting, positive change.

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Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic

Since 1970, Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) has offered quality care with dignity at their Central District location.  Their second clinic, in Othello, is closer to the 75% of families who moved to south Seattle and South King County. OBCC provides medical, dental, behavioral health, sickle cell disease care, sports rehab, physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiology, and nutrition services for babies, children and teens — regardless of a family’s ability to pay. They provide coordinated, whole-person care that addresses root causes of illness — social, economic, and environmental.

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Black Folks in Design

Black Folks in Design (BFiD) is an international network established in 2017 by Little Wing Lee, aimed at connecting Black designers across various disciplines, from architecture to fashion, and beyond. The network seeks to foster community and highlight Black designers’ mastery in the field, to a broader audience including the design community’s relevant stakeholders. They also delve into the role of design and aesthetics in social, economic, and racial justice efforts, showcasing how environments influence our lives and contribute to broader discussions.

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Freedmen’s Town Association

The Freedmen’s Town Association, along with the Houston Freedmen’s Town Conservancy, focuses on preserving the historic Freedmen’s Town in Houston, established by formerly enslaved individuals. These organizations work on community engagement and heritage tourism to protect the area’s legacy for future generations and aim for its recognition as a vital part of African American history.

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Prior Benefitting Partners

Humble Design

Humble Design transforms empty houses into warm, dignified homes for individuals, families, and veterans emerging from homelessness. Fueled by heartfelt donations, volunteer efforts, and partnerships like with U-Haul, they create fresh starts and lasting hope.

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DADS, based in Seattle, empowers fathers to be present in their children’s lives by offering guidance and support to overcome barriers. They focus on rebuilding family relationships and achieving stability, rooted in the belief in the transformative power of family reconciliation.

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Women United Seattle

Women United Seattle focuses on supporting caregivers by providing them with resources and assistance to alleviate challenges they’re facing. They emphasize stress reduction, unity, family reunification, and personal balance, advocating for cultural respect and solidarity, especially in times of crisis.

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Dignity for Divas

Dignity for Divas uplifts women facing homelessness in the Puget Sound area, offering dignity through self-care, support, and empowerment. Providing survival kits, housing help, and workshops, they foster personal growth and self-sufficiency, making them a steadfast ally in the transition from hardship to stability.

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Family First Community Center

Family First Community Center prides itself on being the first community center in Washington State with a health clinic that offers medical, dental, and behavioral health services all under one roof.

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One Love Community Fridge

OLCF works to eradicate food insecurity and malnutrition, along with the stigma associated with them, through an integrated, generational, and inclusive movement. They center access to food, nutrition education, and sustainability.

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Pioneer Human Services

Pioneer assists people reentering society from prison or jail as well as those who are overcoming substance use disorders and mental health issues.

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The benefitting partners of Champions of Change share three important values:


Dignity and respect for those they serve is at the core of its operations


The goal to empower those who seek to improve their lives and circumstances for their families


A commitment to collaborate with other organizations to remove barriers to access for basic needs, support networks, health care, skills training, and education

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out the river.

We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.

~ Desmond Tutu